Holy Father Bestows Papal Honors upon five laymen for their Exceptional Service to the Diocese of Cochin

The Diocese of Cochin is proud to announce that Holy Father has bestowed Papal Honors upon five laymen for their dedication and exceptional service to the Diocese of Cochin.

Prof. Edward Edezhath has been named ‘Knight in the Order of Saint Sylvester’, Mr. Judson Myloth, Adv. Josey Xavier Illiparambil, Mr. Augustine Valiaveetil and Mr. Sabu Kollamaparambil  will receive ‘ Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice’ Medal (For the Church and Pontiff).

Bishop Joseph Kariyil, the Bishop of Cochin, remarked, “Each person recognized by the Pope has performed some exceptional service for the Church or offered some form of outstanding Christian witness in a generous and sustained way – in religious life, vocations work, social ministry, and other apostolates.  Each has earned the gratitude of the Holy Father and our whole Catholic community.  But more importantly, each represents and stands in for the many thousands of other committed Catholics who serve the Gospel every day with the same fidelity and unselfish love.  These special expressions of papal praise and gratitude are moments of grace for all of us, and they’re meant to be a source of joy for the whole local Church.” 

The honors will be conferred upon the priests and individuals by the bishop during the ceremony at the Bishop’s House on 28th June 2018, 4 pm.